Time to make recruitment better again.

Reach & screen top talents

We are a digital head hunting service dedicated to young professionals & inclusivity.

Because a young team member can change an organisation, our mission is to enable recruiters to discover more talented and motivated candidates in order to hire the best.


Our platform provide short video challenges to detect the candidates with the highest potential, the required soft-skills and the best human fit.

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Your new challenge: Be attractive and boost talents' engagement.

Your hiring objectives require you to strongly engage talents. You need to be more impactful, authentic and inspire confidence, especially from a distance.



With shorts videos, companies have the opportunity to develop an engaging communication for candidates.


Teamstories accompanies your teams to enhance the voice of employees, better respond to your communication challenges and make you the key player.

What short videos improve.

Speak up where it matters.

Your candidates will simply love working with you.

Create your public “My Story” page to promote “Who you are” and “What you do” in complete freedom.

Spread your offers to candidate’s pool in 1-clic and follow each candidate easily.

Broadcast your stories on your tools and your networks (Malt, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ect.).
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Our Studio creates your own challenges and values your employer brand  for the Gen-Z