About 1.1 billion freelancers work worldwide

Become remarkable

Stand out and grow your business.

As a freelancer, you are in direct competition with young talents and experts from all over the world who know how to value their activity.


More than ever, you need to learn how to master story codes and how platforms work to start exposing yourself and standing out.


Good news, as an expert in your field, you have things to say: Present your offer, show your work, tell your daily life and share your vision.


Become essential to your prospects and customers.

“The profile pages on freelance networks are too fixed. I feel that I fit into their boxes and that does not allow me to present my offer.”

Phil., Expert in Biodiversity

“I would like to better highlight my background and how my different experiences are my strength today.”

Eric, Senior Designer

“Being in competition with junior profiles who lower prices is a real frustration. On these platforms, we become products.”
Anne, Freelance consultant

Stories, what for?

Be there wherever it matters.

Create your “My Story” page to promote your stories and create engagement on the web.
Discover and respond to projects related to your expertise. Participate in stories to highlight your strengths.

Broadcast your stories on your platforms and your networks (Malt, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ect.).

Are “Video stories” for you?

We’ll tell you everything in less than 5 minutes. 

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Our program allows you to become independent and efficient 

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The Studio creates your stories in the best conditions by your side