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Increase your impact

Your new challenge: Capture attention and boost clients' engagement.

Your business objectives require you to strongly engage your contacts. You need to be more impactful, authentic and inspire confidence, especially from a distance.


With the codes of Tik-tok and Instagram, companies have the opportunity to develop engaging communication, at all levels, for employees, candidates, customers and prospects.


Teamstories accompanies your teams to enhance the voice of employees, better respond to your communication challenges and make you the key player.

“I have a real stake in impact during my presentations. If we are not surprising and inspiring, clients quickly get bored, even in meetings.”

Aurélien, Manager

“With the stories of the teams in the field, we were able to put an end to the 100-page reports. Our transformation and the work accomplished are better valued”

Nathalie, Operational Excellence Manager

“To share our corporate culture, giving the floor to the teams is by far the most effective and authentic way.”

Lisa, HR Manager

Vidéo stories, what for?

In video stories,
speak up wherever it matters.

Your clients and your teams will simply love working with you.

Create your public “My Story” page to promote “Who you are” and “What you do” in complete freedom.
Discover and respond to projects related to your expertise. Participate in stories to highlight your strengths.
Broadcast your stories on your tools and your networks (Malt, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ect.).

Are stories made for your team?

We’ll tell you everything in less than 5 minutes.
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Our program allows you to become independent and efficient 

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The Studio creates your stories in the best conditions by your side