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The program

A personalized approach and the best tools brought together for you.

Our coaches & experts

reveal the best of yourself, at each key stage of your program.

Your Program

Be there wherever it matters.

With Teamstories, more than 250 professionals have switched to stories

Discover and respond to projects related to your expertise. Participate in stories to highlight your strengths.

Create your “My Story” page to promote your stories and create engagement on the web.

Broadcast your stories on your tools (website, whatsapp, slack, email, newsletters, ect.) and your networks (Malt, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ect.).

The best purchase you can make is to

Investing in yourself

 12-Week Program

including 4 coaching sessions and personalized objectives


 Teamstories companion app to create your stories and be inspired


Creation of your “My story” page to boost your business and engage your (future) customers

Start now
and schedule your first session

Price: €900 including tax

Chat with an expert

20 minutes when it suits you

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The fastest way to meet the best talents.

Hiring is complex unless you start asking the right questions.​

Designed for 🇫🇷 French & 🇬🇧 English speaking professionals.

We make the future of work more inclusive.

Companies struggle to meet many talents.

On average, a  job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, only 4 to 6 will get called for an interview.
(Glass door)

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For recruiters

CV-based processes deprive companies from screening the best young talents and assess their full potential.

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For young talents

Differentiating themselves and valuing their skills through the bullet-points on a CV is a real challenge.

To start being efficient, fair and human-centric

Focus on the candidates’ soft-skills & potential.

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Candidates have stories to share with you. Ask them.

Because you are looking for the best talents, we help you to know who candidates truly are and assess their potential. Our experience is made to allow you to discover your next team-player faster. 

+200 challenges to go beyond curriculums and bullet-points profiles

Explore their portfolios and points of view within an 'Instragram-like' experience

Get in touch with only skilled and motivated persons

Beyond skills, your team is looking for a great person to work with.

Don’t wait for the umpteenth interview to know enough about someone. Provide an authentic and human-centered experience to your candidates based on your real issues and your culture.

Choose your challenges and questions

Discover talents within shorts videos

Find and contact the most relevant ones

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Make collective and fair decisions

Finding your next team player is a team decision, isn’t it? Interview, discover, select the best profile for your team all together. 

Vote for the best questions to ask

React individually on talents' stories

Discover who have the greatest score

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Be attractive and impactfull.

Present your project & your team in the best light.

As a team, embody your project & introduce your needs

Customize your page to attract talents

Select questions & challenges that fit with your values

Behind each person stand great stories. More and more candidates want to embody their work and share their personality through shorts videos.


Be remarkable  & unique.

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Be inclusive & efficient.

Talk with us

Take the time for a discussion, when it suits you.

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Faire le point avec Eric

Talk with us

Share your challenges and find out how stories can grow your business.



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Commencer votre programme

Commencer votre programme

Réservez votre première séance avec votre coach Teamstories.



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Time to make recruitment better again.

Reach & screen top talents

We are a digital head hunting service dedicated to young professionals & inclusivity.

Because a young team member can change an organisation, our mission is to enable recruiters to discover more talented and motivated candidates in order to hire the best.


Our platform provide short video challenges to detect the candidates with the highest potential, the required soft-skills and the best human fit.

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Your new challenge: Be attractive and boost talents' engagement.

Your hiring objectives require you to strongly engage talents. You need to be more impactful, authentic and inspire confidence, especially from a distance.



With shorts videos, companies have the opportunity to develop an engaging communication for candidates.


Teamstories accompanies your teams to enhance the voice of employees, better respond to your communication challenges and make you the key player.

What short videos improve.

Speak up where it matters.

Your candidates will simply love working with you.

Create your public “My Story” page to promote “Who you are” and “What you do” in complete freedom.

Spread your offers to candidate’s pool in 1-clic and follow each candidate easily.

Broadcast your stories on your tools and your networks (Malt, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ect.).
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Our Studio creates your own challenges and values your employer brand  for the Gen-Z

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More and more talents are using video stories.

Shorts, Reels, Stories... the revolution has already begun.

Vertical video for mobile is the go-to format for communicating online and creating engagement. TikTok and Instagram are now unavoidable with the new generation and with advertisers.

Immersive, authentic, quick to produce, this content generates 10x more engagement than text (according to Twitter).

For recruiters and candidates, the time has come to seize this opportunity and seize this new format.

"Stories" : a new way to exist... and stand out as an expert.

Today, short videos are changing our consumption habits and the relationship to the services we use.

Stories are the most effective in addressing issues of memorization, reading intent and creating engagement.

This new trend leads every professional to think about new opportunities and needs to transform their communication into video stories.

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search […] They go to TikTok or Instagram.”

Prabhakar Raghavan

SVP Google’s Knowledge & Information organization

In all sectors, creating in stories reinforces

the impact of your communication.

Check out the latest TikTok trends.

Talk with us

Ask for a discussion, when it suits you.

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Move forward, beyond the CV

Become remarkable.
Stay yourself.

Our shorts video challenges help you to stand out.

As a candidat, you are in direct competition with young talents and experts from all over the world who know how to value their activity.


More than ever, you need to learn how to master story codes and how platforms work to start exposing yourself and standing out.


Good news, you have things to say: Present your work  and share your vision in less than 10 minutes per opportunity.

What stories do for you.

Share your stories where it matters.

Create your “My Story” page to promote your skills and create engagement on the web.

Discover and respond to job offers related to your expertise. Participate in stories to highlight your strengths.

Broadcast your stories on your platforms and your networks.

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Students : Ask for your presentation & engage your school in our inclusive approach.

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