Meet the most talented candidates. Faster.

Recruiting game-changing talents takes weeks… unless you ask the right questions.

Teamstories provides short videos introductions that let you screen and connect with candidates in record time. 

Designed for 🇬🇧 English or 🇫🇷 French speaking workers teams.

We make recruitments more human & more efficient.

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Reveal the human side of talents through video challenges

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Save time with our preliminary interviews and expert's talks

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Screen more candidates via their short presentation videos

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Meet the persons who match the most with your team's culture

Companies struggle to meet the best talents.

On average, a  job offer attracts 250 candidates.
Only 4 to 6 will get called for an interview.

Source: Glass door
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For recruiters

Traditional processes deprive companies from detecting the best young talents and assess their full potential.

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For talents & freelancers

Differentiating themselves and valuing their skills through the bullet-points on a CV is a real challenge.

With short introductory videos

Get the most effective way to screen talents.

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Beyond skills, your team is looking for a great person to work with.

Don’t wait for the umpteenth interview to know enough about someone. 

Choose your use cases

Discover talents within shorts videos and audio content

Meet the most relevant ones

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Talents have stories to share with you. Ask them.

Discover faster who candidates truly are and assess their potential. 

+100 challenges to go beyond curriculums

Explore references and soft-skills

Focus on talented and motivated candidates

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Make it more collective.

Finding your next team player is a team decision: Screen and select the best profile for your team all together.

Vote for the best questions to ask

Add your reactions and comments on talents' stories

Discover the candidates with the highest score

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Be attractive and impactfull .

Present your project and your team in the best light with shorts videos stories and your inclusive process.

In few minutes, embody your project & introduce your needs

Customize your job offers to attract talents

Select questions & challenges that fit with your values

Behind each person stand great stories. More and more candidates want to embody their work and share their personality through shorts videos.


Be remarkable & unique.

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Be inclusive & efficient.

Talk with us

Take the time for a discussion, when it suits you.