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for your team.

Finding talented and trusted persons is not easy.

Unless you ask the right questions.

Designed for 🇫🇷 French & 🇬🇧 English speaking professionals.

More and more experts embody their work, introduce themselves and share their experiences through shorts videos.

Experts have something to tell you. Be demanding.

Because you are looking for the best talents, we help you to know who professionals truly are and what they really do. Our experience is made to allow you to discover your next team-player faster. 

+200 questions to go beyond curriculums and bullet-points profiles

Explore their portfolios within an 'Instragram-like' experience

Get in touch with only skilled and motivated persons

Beyond skills, your team is looking for a great person to work with.

Ask for their stories.

Don’t wait for the umpteenth interview to know enough about someone. Provide an authentic and human-centered experience to your candidates based on your real issues and your culture.

Create your projet and setup your questions

Discover talents within shorts videos

Find and contact the most relevant ones

Designed for collective decisions and adaptable to all recruitment processes

Finding your next team player is a team decision, isn’t it? Interview, discover, select the best profile for your team all together. 

Vote for the best questions to ask

React individually on talents' stories

Discover who have the greatest score

Be attractive and impactfull for the best talents.

Present your project & your team in the best light.

As a team, embody your project & introduce your needs

Customize your page to attract talents

Select questions & challenges that fit with your values

Experts and talents, you have things to say, that's for sure.

So do it right!


Be remarkable.

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Remain unique.

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